Reeves's Pheasant

Syrmaticus reevesi

Reeves's Pheasants, male on the right
Photos courtesy of Ellen Rockensock

Native to north and central China, these long-tailed birds are often found in private collections. The males are very aggressive and should always be kept with several females in a pen with lots of cover. They should never be kept in mixed aviaries.

The hens will produce 2 or more clutches per season of 8 to 14 eggs. The olive-brown or cream-colored eggs hatch in 24 days.

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A pair of Reeves's pheasants

Another pair of Reeves's Pheasants
Photos courtesy of Josh Hoffman

Part of a Reeves's male
One day I'll manage to get a photo that shows the full tail of the male!
Photo courtesy of Kim Roberts

And here it is!! Not great, but we're getting there



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