Silver Pheasants

Lophura nycthemera

A Silver Pheasant cock
Photo courtesy of Judi Palmatier

Silver Pheasants are mainly natives of China, altho' their range extends into Burma, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

Silver Pheasants mature in their second year. The clutch size is 4-6 eggs and incubation lasts 25-26 days. While Silver cocks are often aggressive to other species and are known for attacking their keepers, they seem to be at peace with other males of their own species.

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Pheasant Ridge

What a face!!

A trio of Silver Pheasants

Frontal view of a male
Photo courtesy of Judi Palmatier

And a rear view
Photo courtesy of Mark Rosen

Frontal shot of a pair of Silver Pheasants
Photo courtesy of Alex Fredin

Rear shot of another male

A pair of Silvers
Photo courtesy of Daniel Sörensen

A Silver Pheasant hen
Photo courtesy of Dan Croy

Front and rear shots of a Silver Pheasant cock

A juvenile Silver Pheasant cock bird
Photos courtesy of Heather Hulsey

. . . and his head
Photo courtesy of Heather Hulsey

Another Silver hen

Another juvenile Silver Pheasant male
Photo courtesy of Carolyn Boersma

Another juvenile Silver, this one probably an L. n. jonesi female
Photo courtesy of Dan Stone



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