Swinhoe's Pheasants

Lophura swinhoei

A pair of Swinhoe Pheasants
Photo courtesy of Ellen Rockensock

Swinhoe's Pheasant was first discovered in 1862 in Formosa (now Taiwan). They are the most numerous (in captivity) of all the endangered pheasants, tho' in the wild they are restricted to the island of Taiwan.

Swinhoe's are fairly easy for the beginnining pheasant fancier, although they don't usually breed in their first year. A small aviary is adequate, of perhaps 150 sq. ft. Clutch size ranges from 6 to 12 and incubation lasts 25 days.

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Male and female Swinhoes
Photos courtesy of Christian Cutajar

A juvenile Swinhoe Pheasant male on the left, and part of a female on the right

Two young female Swinhoe Pheasants



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