Button Quail

a. k. a. Chinese Painted Quail

Coturnix chinensis

Button Quail -- males at left and right
Photo courtesy of Christian Cutajar

This little bird is native from China down through north-eastern Australia. Males reach around 4 1/2 inches, and females may be slightly plumper and reach 5 inches. In the wild-type birds, the males are more colorful and have a black and white bib under the chin. Many of the new color mutations are harder to sex, as the bib is not obvious.

They are most frequently kept running on the ground in aviaries of songbirds, to pick up spilled seed. As they don't perch, they don't disturb the nesting of the other birds.

Incubation takes about 16 days.

Finally there's a book available for those keeping Button Quail. It includes chapters on natural history, housing, nutrition, breeding, health care and more.
A Closer Look at "Button Quail": The Care and Breeding of Chinese Blue-Breasted Quail by Jodi McDonald, 2010, 276 pp., privately published by Bracken Ridge Ranch, ISBN: 1615844562.
Order this book now from amazon.com.

The Chinese Painted Quail -- "The Button Quail": Their Breeding and Care, by Leland B. Hayes is available as a CD.
It is also available in book form: Order this book now from amazon.com.

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A wild-type Button Quail female
Photo courtesy of Erin Salive

A Silver Pearl hen
Photo courtesy of Erin Salive

This is a double factor Cinnamon Blue-faced male
Photos courtesy of Erin Salive

A White female carrying the leaky white gene
Photo courtesy of Erin Salive

A Cinnamon hen
Photo courtesy of Erin Salive



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