Gambel's Quail

a.k.a. Desert Quail

Callipepla gambelii

A male Gambel's Quail
Photo courtesy of Tommy Green

Gambel's are native to the southwestern US and northwestern Mexico. The females have shorter, browner crests and lack the black markings found on the abdomen of the cocks.

The species is highly monogamous. Gambel's has proven quite prolific in captivity, and if you keep removing the eggs may lay 20 or more in one round. Normal clutch size is around 12 eggs. The male will sit "look out' nearby, while the female is sitting for the 23 day incubation period.

Living with Gambel's Quail, by Leland B. Hayes is available as a CD.

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A pair of Gambel's Quail
Photo courtesy of Tommy Green

A Gambel's Quail hen with chicks
Photo courtesy of Tommy Green

A Gambel's male crowing
Photo courtesy of Tommy Green

Another Gambel's male
Photo courtesy of Anthony Lapointe

A couple more Gambel's Quail
Photos courtesy of Colt Handorf



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